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Looking at you, Europe 2016! A few fake figures and bogus claims on London busses suffice to end a successful 48-year-old relationship with the EU project? A right-wing populist is set to conquer high office in the Élysée Palace? The last global super-power elects a global super-clown into the White House? Enough is enough! Three young people from France, Italy and Germany found the pan-European Party Volt. Democracy is a fragile affair. It’s high time to continue the biggest success story of the 20th century. Next-level Europe!

The aim: European Parliament.

In 2024, Volt seeks to elect a transnational fraction into the European Parliament – elected from all-European states. Ironically enough, this amazing legislative body and core institution of the European Union still lacks a true European representation: a European party to advance the solutions the continent needs, to counter the challenges shared and that surpass national boundaries.

Volt reinvents the way politics is done by fusing the energy of a movement with the platform of a party. The resulting political hybrid stands out in the political landscape of all EU-countries and appeals to more than 25.000 activists and members today – with numbers continually climbing. From Manchester to Amsterdam, from Messina to Sofia. Progressive and pragmatic. United by a single-party platform and one European voice.


Creating pan-European communication is the core task. Devising a strong brand that unites all aspects of Volt – the energy of a Europe-wide citizen movement with the strategic organisation of a political party.
Karl Anders unites both poles in its creation of a new visual identity. Watch out! It needs to work in Stockholm and Rome, in Warsaw and Madrid alike – with a special focus on digital channels and social media.

  • Volt Slogan Future Made in Europe

To create a powerful brand that transcends the conventional grammar of political communication while simultaneously affirming Volt’s will to formulating and enacting policies while shaping politics. The new visual identity reflects the dynamic spirit of a young movement and a party that sets out to reinvent the classic procedures of party politics by empowering people with an innovative political tool kit – and employing new ways to adress people in terms of design, tonality and choice of channels.

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    volt Design Web and Social media
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    volt Website
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Contemporary political communication that appears daringly apolitical –thus motivating people for everything politics is truly and essentially about: shaping the future.

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