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The Gewandhaus Orchestra is a German symphony orchestra based in Leipzig. The orchestra is named after the concert hall in which it is located – the Gewandhaus (Cloth Hall or Textile Hall). It is one of the top three symphony orchestra in the world with 185 musicians and in addition to its concert duties, the orchestra also performs frequently in the Thomaskirche and at the Leipzig Opera.


Create a Relaunch of the complete Corporate Identity including Behaviour, Language, Design and Communications.

Taking care of the Brand Architecture and communications concept and involve all Brand Stakeholders in the process to bring us an absolute unique Brand Appearance.

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  • Exhibition
  • Campaign
  • Live Layouting
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Brand Experience
  • Content Marketing

We started a two years process called „Kanon20: retell tradition together" and integrated more than 100 different people in the complete process. With Interviews, Workshops and our new format Live Layouting we were able to get a unique brief for the new Brand Approach. We created the Brand Mission „Res severa verum gaudium“ which is the anchor of everything.

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Strategic analysis of the brand showed that the two-brand policy (Gewandhaus Orchester and Gewandhaus zu Leipzig) as well as many further sub-brands (products) were not perceived externally.

In order to focus the full power of the brands in times of tight budgetary constraints, it was clear that we needed to turn the focus of the visual identity onto the more glorious Gewandhaus Orchester brand.

With a completely new brand architecture, we cleared the chaos and put everything to order – providing more space for the new design.

The heart of the participative creation process behind the corporate identity was the live layout conception, developed by us: we build the foundation for the new corporate design together with over 100 other participants. From there on we developed an image that guaranteed a unique visual style through colors and shapes. The new found playful interaction visually expressed the broad musical spectrum of the orchestra in the brand.

The logo was only lightly modernized – keeping in mind the tradition of the orchestra – and made more suitable for the use in digital media.

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