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thom/krom is an international fashion label founded 2009 by Thomas Kromik, a german fashion scout. His mission is to create unique styles for urban men and women with a critical taste apart from the mainstream.


Upgrade the Brand´s Identity to gain more power in order to grow.


thom/krom is not just a fashion brand: it’s an invitation to live a sophisticated and intense life – believing in the power of many wonderful nights on this planet. We created the Brand´s Mission and Claim „the night is your friend, my love“ and started to invent a complete new Brand Identity which is more Premium, more International and also more expensive.


The entire existing brand identity was revised. We created a new branding concept, which is inspired by the spirit of Nouvelle Vague and Avantgarde. The new visual identity is represented in every kind of media such as stationery, printed collateral, and the website. thom/krom’s new fashion identity reflects the feeling of an exciting night among the innumerable lights of the city. The brand profile is completely focused on this vibrant scenery and the associated lifestyle – instead of just images of the product. This concept can also be found in the new slogan: “The night is your friend, my love”.

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