Red Star FC


Red Star FC is not any random third league team. It’s a genuine traditional club – the second oldest French Football club, its founder Jules Rimet nobody less than one of the co-founders of the FIFA World Cup. Most of its loyal supporters are left-wing and overtly antifascist, the club identifies itself as a banlieue working-class club.

The Club is domiciled in venerable Stade Bauer since its founding in 1909, which is awaiting a truly historic season: In 2020 the stadium will give way to a modern new construction. A major project with significant scope, the new Stade de Paris is going to be one of the venues of the Summer Olympic Games in 2024 – like one hundred years previously in 1924.

This last, legendary season is supposed to be flanked by an extensive, multi-channel communication-offensive that conveys all the strong vibes from the inside out, directly to the fans in Saint Ouen and in the world. Side effect: It will release the necessary mental support and energy boost Red Star needs to gain promotion to the second devision.


It’s all about power: the power of a new beginning, the power of a special team. The claim ”Bauer Power” becomes the core of the biggest season campaign in the club’s history. A tribute to the famous building, which, as crux of the matter, denotes a kind of bridge – between the eventful history, the exciting present and the bright future of Red Star FC. The Design consequently arises from the architecture of the stadium: a powerful visual grid, enabling to stage all content in an attention-tracking way.


The result is a 360-degreee-campaign “Bauer Power”. The core is a liquid identity, a flexible, simply applicable layout, which functions as a sort of stage set for all upcoming activities around the club. The design grid is taken from the stadiums top view and makes use of two different colour ranges: the full green from the home jersey and a flashy red-pink-combination from the away jersey. A striking design with a high recognition value, ready to use for the complete marketing package including sponsoring. The campaign will take a primarily digital approach on websites such as Vice and on social media, as well as in merchandising shops, at points of sale and at the stadium itself.