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London based design and architecture magazine ICON has asked us to write a new chapter for their category „rethink“. We turned the Brexit into hope by saying: Come on guys, Cheer up!


Brexit is reality. But nobody knows if the proclaimed fear and distopia will become reality too. How can we turn the resignation into a new beginning?

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The Idea

Representative for the European Union we have created a survival kit for all citizens of Great Britain. Among other things there is included a manual „How to keep calm without the EU“ helping with tipps against despair and anger. If you doubt your British identity just watch a Bond movie with Roger Moore! The survival kit also contains postal cards of overrated European places. Who needs Ancient Rome if you have Stonehenge? Who needs the Côte d’Azur if Cornwall is just a short ride away? We've thought about everything: About socks for cold feet, about medicine against wanderlust, about a European fragrance called „Eau d’EU“.


The key visual of the kit is a bright yellow smiley. The stellar eye represents the lost star of the European flag. To complete the idea of an emoji there is also a series of negative emotions such as „We miss EU“.

Despite the irony the cheer up survival kit of course is a sign for European solidarity and positivity. Required values to see hope and chances in frustration and defeats. It couldn’t be more current in these days.

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